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A complete analytics platform.
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Up to 10 projects
Up to 10 projects
Up to 10 projects
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We acquire deals for skilled realtors.

We are a deal acquisition agency that helps Realtors with acquiring exclusive deals per month and we make money only when you do.
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Close more deals than cold calling leads..

Our main aim is to reduce the time you spent in front of the phone on trying to call the leads that never converts so you can focus on closing the deals that we get you.
Personal Branding Google Reviews Affiliate Program

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Schedule a short 10-15min zoom video call with us so we can learn more about your business and the challenges and show you exactly how we're going to help you with that!

Services We Provide

All the kind of Marketing services that we provide and all the different channels we use to run ads are these. We're not platform limited, but these are the channels where our clients saw most results.

Meet the Team

Ben Andropolous

CEO & Media Buying Specialist

Ezekial Kalomo

Lead Generation & Assistance

Cristian Bacinschi

Copywriter & Funnel Designer

Book a Discovery Call with us

Schedule a short 10-15 minute discovery call with us to learn more about your business and it's challenges and how we can help you with that!
Client Acquisition Agency for Realtors. Based in Dubai.
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